Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Blockchain Babes?

BlockChain Babes is a global movement by women for women. Our aim is to learn with and from each other about emerging blockchain technology, which we believe will redefine how we interact and organise ourselves as a global society. Women have an equal opportunity and responsibility to shape their future by joining this conversation from the start.

BlockChain Babes offers a protected space for women to share their curiosity and knowledge with each other. There is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’ and we love a vibrant, open-minded and respectful discussion.

We nurture a striving online community and host regular meetups in various international cities. During meeting we sometimes have subject specific speakers or we set a research assignment for participants to then share their findings - there are no hard and fast rules how to educate ourselves!

+ Why do you only allow women to join?

There is significant research that indicates women learn better and develop more confidence in their own abilities when operating in an all female environment – this has also been our experience. The current percentage of women involved in blockchain is under 10%, partly because women feel discouraged by the ‘bro-culture’ that is present and can feel intimidating. We believe, having a protected space where women can ask the ‘stupid questions’ and engage in a conversation, rather than a knowledge competition, is what it takes to inspire those women who previously thought ‘blockchain is just not for them’.

+ Isn't "babes" a derogatory word?

It might be, depending on a person's personal views and social context. We recognise that the name may not be for everyone and therefore we understand our group may not appeal to everyone. We associate the word ‘babes’ with playfulness, a little sass and therefore chose it deliberately with the input of our community. The attitude with which we carry ourselves will always outshine any labels; confident and empowered women won’t let themselves be defined by a single word. Besides, we couldn’t resist the alliteration.

+ I'm not female, how can I get involved?

Even though Blockchain Babes was created as a protected space for women to explore blockchain technology away from the perceived ‘bro-culture’, we have no interest in exacerbating the gender divide. We recognise that there are also men who are new to this topic and eager to learn more, yet might equally feel overwhelmed and intimidated at the prospect of diving in. Therefore, our local city meetups host regular mixer events where anyone is welcome to join our roundtable discussion.

We also welcome male speakers to share their knowledge about a particular areas of blockchain. Please contact your local city ambassador for further info.

+ Does it cost anything to join?

No, our meetup groups are currently free of charge to attend.