Our Story

Blockchain Babes started with a simple yet powerful question: where are all the women in Blockchain?

During a fateful meeting in Ubud, Bali, co-founders Patricia Parkinson and Anette Wilms discovered that they shared at least two things in common: a mutual passion for emerging blockchain technology and a frustration over the seeming lack of like-minded women who were equally interested and involved in the industry. Even more practically, a community that encouraged open discussions and knowledge sharing.

Fast forward a few weeks and Blockchain Babes was born – a community in which women could feel empowered and encouraged to do exactly that – explore and learn about blockchain's exciting potential, as well as its challenges, together.

Since then, the meetups have expanded beyond the bounds of Bali and grown into a thriving global movement and online community.



Our Mission

Women have an opportunity to shape the future of Blockchain. This transformational technology is redefining how we interact and organise ourselves as a global society.

The direction of this movement will be defined by the decision makers and thought leaders in the early days; being involved in this conversation matters.

Let's proactively build our confidence, capability and connectedness in the Blockchain revolution — seizing our opportunity to influence how it impacts our lives.



Our Principles

Beginner’s Mindset

Begin anywhere. Embracing spontaneous blockchain conversation or reading a short article each day will hugely impact your comprehension of the subject over time.


Culture of Questioning

There is no such thing as stupid questions - just stupid answers! We welcome all stages of knowledge and encourage curiosity as well as critical thinking.


Start a Conversation

Dedicate yourself to making information about blockchain accessible and digestible. Create  spaces to discuss different viewpoints openly, respectfully and collaboratively without judgement or agenda


Seek Understanding

Honour your opportunity to actively educate yourself. Due diligence will be key to building awareness, understanding and confidence.


See the Big Picture

We are  in the early days of this transformational technology and no one knows where it will lead. Dive deep, explore the larger context and application of blockchain as a newfound perspective on how we interact and organise ourselves as a global society.


Get Involved

The blockchain industry holds countless opportunities for everyone – from participating in social communities, introducing blockchain into your personal life, finding the applications in your area(s) of expertise to building your own blockchain company.


Know your Power

Just like the internet at the end of the last century, Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally transform us as a society. We all can be active participants in this revolution, no matter our age, gender, skills, believes or personal choices.

Our Team

Patricia Parkinson.jpg

Patricia Parkinson

Co-Founder • Movement-multiplier

I'm a Polymath and Innovation Strategist working with digital entrepreneurs to build brands that inspire collaboration and co-creation. I'm also developing an analytics platform on the Steem Blockchain and runs a brand lab.

Fuelled by limitless fascination and enthusiasm for our decentralised future, I leverage 10+ years experience as a Creative Director and digital native/nomad to shift perspectives on what is possible at the intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurship.

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Anette Wilms

Co-Founder • Movement-multiplier

I got passionate about blockchain technology in 2016. I don't know which shape it will take in future, but I believe it's here to stay. Being a part of this emerging conversation is crucial, especially for women, if we want to have a say in how it will influence our lives.

With a background in luxury photography, design and publishing I may not be the most likely advocate for emerging tech, but it goes to show that there are no rules on who can get involved and be part of the movement. All it takes is a brave first step to start the journey.

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Danielle Diamond

Director of strategic partnerships

I'm a a purpose-driven entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, primarily working on projects in the blockchain space. I'm currently developing a decentralized crowdfunding application built on the Etheruem blockchain, which will launch in 2018. I also focus on mobile application prototyping, web design and digital marketing. In my entrepreneurial endeavors, I leverage a background in financial services and corporate law.

I believe that blockchain technology will be the greatest paradigm shift of our generation and am excited to be at the forefront of this disruption.

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